The Secret Of The Beyonce Detox Diet Revealed

Just how did the Beyonce detox diet come about? Good question.

Let us bring you up to speed, in case you missed out on all the headlines and the media frenzy behind how Beyonce lost weight for her starring role in the Dreamgirls movie.

I can vividly remember the Oprah Winfrey tv show where Beyonce Knowles made her celebrity announcement informing the world she had successfully finished a cleansing diet while losing 20 pounds.

What Beyonce said, came as a shock to many people who thought her weight loss was only possible because they figured she had spent a large some of money on some celebrity diet. But this was not the case.

Beyonce followed a little known detox diet program called the Master Cleanse Diet. Although this particular cleansing detox is not well publicized like other popular diets, the program Beyonce followed is really simple and has been around for many years.

Even more of a surprise was the fact the she lost 20 pounds in just 14 days following what many people are now calling the Beyonce Lemonade Diet. This quick reduction in weight allowed Beyonce to trick cameras and movie goers in her portrayal of Deena at age 16 and 36. (people wondered where the weight went)

Beyonce never one to run from a challenge, decided to go against Hollywood norms. As such, to simulate her change in appearance at age 16 and 36, she decide to forgo make-up and wardrobe tricks. To get the look she wanted, Beyonce prepared and enjoyed a specially prepared lemonade drink daily for 14 days, to lose the weight.

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