Bath Detox

Do you need a bath detox to relax your aching body?

Perhaps lately you have just been feeling tired and run down, as if you were running a 5K marathon everyday instead of just going to work and dealing with the normal stresses of the day.

Have you noticed a feeling of fatigue? Is your body regular? Are you having a renewed issue with acne or heavy bags under your eyes?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above it may be time to detoxify your body.

We are regularly and inexhaustibly bombarded by pollutions and chemicals on a daily basis, so many in fact our bodies simply cannot keep up with the task of removing them.

The food we eat is loaded with fats, preservatives and other ingredients we cannot pronounce or begin to need.

The water we ingest or bath in is often so loaded with impurities it is a wonder it is still in liquid state and even the air we breathe is harmful to our systems.

When our bodies become loaded with all of these toxins our organs go to work and try to clean them up, through the built in waste removal system “Mother Nature” gave us.

The problem is that there is too many toxins and waste coming in one way and not nearly enough healthy nutrition coming in the other side.

This all creates a terrible imbalance with toxins building up and a break down of the entire system immanent. The result is a failed immune system and illness.

The best way to mitigate the damages and help our systems to catch up on toxin removal and restore the balance to new health and vitality is through detox methods. This could include a detox foot bath, a steam bath detox, a clay bath detox or almost any detox bath recipe out there.

We want to help you to detoxify your life. Our goal is to help you with the creation of a detoxification diet, offer you personalized detox bath salts, recipes, or guide you in the right direction for choosing your own best detox bath recipes.

We can help you by recommending the best types of foot detox bath and teach the right way to do a whole body detox.

A total bath detox should be one of the first steps you should undertake when it comes to totally detoxifying your life.

The reduction in stress, learning how to choose the right foods, as well as, when to detox are all things that we will help you to learn about and guide you through.

The first time you begin a detox you may feel a little ill. This is normal and your body’s way of telling you it is trying to remove the toxins in your system.

No matter if you use detox bath crystal, detox bath salts or take an epsom salt bath you may feel like you have a mild case of the flu at first.

These symptoms will soon pass and you will experience a renewed feeling of health and vitality.

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