Are These Detox Symptoms?

by J

My sinuses have been kind of clogged the past year or so but the past few days they seem to have opened up dramatically, I just have flu/cold-like symptoms like needing to blow my nose a lot, coughing up phlegm, harder to swallow (but still easy), etc. I'm also having 'skin eruptions', which I normally get when I hit a healing crisis. As a result, I can now talk MUCH easier, have a better sense of smell, and my ears don't pop when I swallow.

I have a very good diet (raw organic vegan) and supplement with vitamin D3/astaxanthin/DHA, and routinely take superfood powders like camu camu, maqui, mangosteen, etc.. plus the weather has been really nice which is why I don't think it's a cold.

Are these body detoxification symptoms?

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