Alcohol Detox Symptoms - What You Should Expect While You're Detoxing

How many of the alcohol detox symptoms below will you experience while detoxing?

This question is often hard to quantify and seldom answered.

The reason being, because of the nature of the disease it is hard to predict how one will react to the process of detoxification.

So to be perfectly honest, only time will tell.

For sure, you need to understand the different detox symptoms for alcohol that you will likely experience before you decide to go an alcohol detox center or detox at home (home detox is not recommended).

Common Symptoms of Alcohol Detox

While everyone responds differently to detox there are some common trends.  

Next we will explore symptoms you may experience while detoxing from alcohol.

Before, doing, and after a detox you will experience many of the symptoms of alcohol detox listed below (in alphabetical order):

- Abdominal cramps
- Anxiety
- Bad dreams
- Clammy skin
- Convulsions
- Depression
- Diarrhea
- Fatigue
- Feeling jumpy or nervous
- Headache
- Hallucinations
- Insomnia or difficulty sleeping
- Involuntary, abnormal eyelid movement
- Loss of appetite
- Mood swings
- Nausea
- Rapid heart rate
- Shakiness
- Sweating
- Vomiting

These detox symptoms will range from mild to extreme depending on your individual circumstances.

What You Can Do to Avoid Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

When the decision is made to kick the habit or addiction to alcohol, one question is usually asked. The question always revolves around a common theme of what actions to take to minimize or totally eliminate some or all of the detox symptoms we mentioned earlier.

If you are at this point, having made the decision to quit drinking alcohol, I have one solid piece of advice for you.

Seek professional help and do not try to kick this nasty habit at home alone, all by yourself.

In all cases you should seek the help of a doctor or healthcare professional who should be able to recommend you to either an inpatient or outpatient alcohol treatment center or detox program.

You may find the alcohol detox diet useful if you decide not to take our advice and detox from home.

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