Are The Reports About The
Acai Berry Detox True?

The Acai Berry detox has received a lot of positive and promising media attention lately.  It's all the buzz around internet circles.

It's the new craze of the internet.

Expert advocates for this "supposedly new" Acai detox method are touting it as a fast and easy way to detoxing your body.

So what are the reportedly results?

You could lose those unwanted pounds and shed those unsightly inches from around your waist.  But are these results typical?

Soon enough you'll find out if you continue reading this special report.

This type of detox is very simple in that you take high doses of the Acai berry in either liquid or pill supplement form.

The Acai detox is not new as the media reports would led you to believe. In fact, the detox is just a repackaged version of the Acai berry diet which has been around for several years.

Now to address the claims, that a detox of Acai berry will help you lose weight fast and easy, and allow you to drop those inches from around the waist quickly to.  

My investigative research tells me these claims are overly hyped and unsubstantiated.

That's the bad news...

If you're looking for the next weight loss miracle pill or diet program, the Acai detox is not your answer.

People are seeing some weight loss results, but no more than other detox programs. However, the most promising reports from the Acai berry detox include:

  • Most people felt more energized
  • More regular bowel movements without strain
  • No more constipation for quite a few
  • For many their digestive systems also improved

So you see there are some benefits to detoxing with Acai berry. If you'd like to try the detox, some of the best products can be ordered through  If you decide to try out the diet, stop back by and tell us about your results.

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