"Who Else Wants To Lose Up To 3 Pounds in 24 Hours Using An All Natural 1 Day Detox Diet?"

Do you want a fast acting 1 day detox diet program that can help you take off a few pounds in as little as 24-hours?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing “The Super Easy 24-Hour Fat-Burning Flush” detox program.

With this detox, you can renew your energy, improve your digestion, and of course lose those last few extra pounds you've been trying to get rid of so long, within the next few days.

Imagine being able to quickly lose the last few pounds around your waste, that is preventing you from wearing your favorite dress or getting into your special pair of blue jeans that you look so good in.


We both know that cleansing and detoxification when done properly can result in you losing a few extra pounds quickly, leaving you looking and feeling your very best.

Up until now there was not much you could do about it.

Then came Leslie...

I’ve teamed up with my dear friend Leslie who swears by this one day detox diet, to bring you a very special offer (more to come). What I like best about Leslie’s 1 day detox diet program is that besides helping you lose weight, this detox can also be used to...

- Help you recover from an alcohol hangover

- Help you recover from over eating unhealthy foods

- Help you remove body odors leaving you with a fresh smell

- Help you restore your natural energy so you feel better than ever

- Help you clear up skin problems such as nasty zits and blemishes

What’s Included in this 24-Hour 1 Day Detox Diet?

- Specific steps you should take to prepare yourself for the one day detox, so that you get the maximum benefits (must know info for first time detoxers)

- Menu suggestions for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner

- Relaxation techniques and activities you can do to help you through the detox diet

- Tips are offered to help you deal with the most common detox withdrawal symptoms

- Instructions on what to do immediately after completing the one day detox so that you are able to maintain your results

and much more

What the 1 Day Detox Diet Is Not!

This is an all natural program. As such the program does not involve complete fasting. We do not impose strict dietary constraints. Lastly, our philosophy is not to push and/or recommend over the counter liquids or pills, or expensive teas or juices.

Rest assured this detox diet plan DOES contain specific instructions on how to prepare inexpensive, but very nutritious and delicious teas and herbal juices that you can drink to reduce your hunger pains while you're on the 24 hour detox.

Also included are flavorful and delicious meals that will replenish your body with health nutrients once all of those toxic impurities are expelled by your body during the detox.

Are You Ready to Detox Your Body?

At this point, you're likely thinking..How much is the 1 day detox diet going to cost me?

In the past this program has sold for $7. That's less than the cost of a medium pizza or a super sized meal at your favorite fast food restaurant.

But today, you get to try the 24-hour 1 day detox diet for FREE.

Just enter your information in the box below to received our ebook that'll teach you how to lose up to 3 pounds in 24 hours, resulting in a more attractive and better feeling YOU! 

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